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Lush Guide to Atlantic Canada

Suggested by the best in the business, these restaurants and bars in the four provinces of Atlantic Canada should not be missed.

Lush Guide - Atlantic Canada
Clockwise starting from upper left : The Mallard Cottage, La Brokerie, Slaymaker & Nichols & Compass Distillers

Thanks to my partnership with Atlantic Canada, I interviewed four innovators in the drinks industry: Dan Meades, Sebastien Roy, Alex Wrathell ,and Steve Murphy. 

In preparation for any future travel I may have to their specific province: Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and/or Prince Edward Island, I asked them for a few suggestions.  The question: where would you get a great cocktail? 

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador photos

Dan Meades, co-founder of The Third Place Cocktail Co. recommended these three restaurant/bars in Newfoundland & Labrador.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick photos

Sebastien Roy, founder of Distillerie Fils du Roy, as well as, master-distiller and master-brewer, suggested we head to one of these bars for some fun and great cocktails in New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia photos

Nova Scotia is full of fabulous places to drink, but Alex Wrathell, Head Distiller of Compass Distillers, chose these three. The first one is the bar at Compass Distillers, of course!

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island photos

Steve Murphy, co-owner of Slaymaker & Nichols, wasn’t shy about recommending his own bar either ;). I don’t blame him, its setting is divine and the bar menu sounds amazing. Below are his other two choices for great cocktails in Prince Edward Island.

As I wrote above, these are just a few of the incredible places to drink in Atlantic Canada.

If you are a fan of one, please do shout it out on social media and tag me @alushlifemanual and also #atlanticcanada.

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