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Aster, London – Their Absolut Sorbet Cocktail Menu all summer long

The Cypriot and I having been feeling the heat. It was easy to tempt us with an invitation that read alcoholic, sorbet and cocktail! Aster, the Nordic-French restaurant and bar in Victoria is collaborating with Swedish brand, Absolut Elyx, to create London’s first Absolut sorbet cocktail menu, bringing the spirit of midsummer to Aster. This year’s high temperatures is going to make everyone mad for them!

Pear and Apple Sorbet Cocktail

To go along with our Fish Starter – small bowls of the freshest of fresh crab mayonnaise, cured salmon, Greenland prawns, and fabulous potato salad – why do I always forget how delish potato salad is? – I had the Pear & Apple Sorbet cocktail, made with Absolut, fresh pear, fresh apple juice, and cinnamon syrup all garnished with a smoking cinnamon stick!

Porn Star Sorbet

The Cypriot had the Porn-Star Sorbet Cocktail – Absolut vanilla, coconut syrup, passion fruit puree and lime juice. Truthfully, I am neither a fan of vanilla nor coconut, but, lucky for me, all I could taste passion fruit, which I am a fan of and so was delighted!

Strawberry & Raspberry Sorbet Cocktail

We waited until after our mains to try the last two Sorbet Cocktails on the menu. The pièce de résistance really had to be the Strawberry & Raspberry Sorbet Cocktail, not only beautiful, but a strawberry explosion! Absolut Elyx, strawberry purée, sugar syrup, and lime juice – no strawberry sorbet could top it anywhere as far as I am concerned. Its partner, the Berry Sorbet – a mélange of Absolut Elyx, pineapple juice, vanilla syrup, and lemon juice – was the perfect straight man to its more colorful friend. Much more subtle, but perfectly refreshing.  I only wish they had take-away ones to accompany us on our long, very humid, walk home.

Don’t miss a chance to sample all four of them before the summer is over. Just a step away from Victoria Station and underground, try the cocktails and stay for dinner!

150 Victoria Street
London  SW1E 5LB

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3875 5555


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