Ana Margarida Morgado – Taylor’s Port, Porto

Ana Margarida Morgado – Taylor’s Port, Porto

If it hadn’t been for a Mr. Bearsley in 1692, what the heck would we be drinking with our Stilton? Thank goodness, he had the foresight to create Taylor’s and that the world would catch on to the merits of Port. The Head of PR for Taylor’s, Ana Margarida Morgado, let’s us know what they’ve been up to for the past 324 years.


tasting-taylors-port-porto-portugalI had never sipped port until I was a grad student at Cambridge. Dining Clubs were aplenty and dinner always ended in cheese and port. My college even had its own label! I really felt I had missed out on all those years as an undergrad in the USA, drinking watery beer when Port had been available all the time.



Who knew there was a whole culture, full of rules and regulations, surrounding this one drink? It must be decanted, the decanter must be passed to the left and you must never forget to put that said decanter back in its hoggit.  



I am sure the Brits in 1692 also felt the same way, the first time Port landed on their shores. Mr. Jack Bearsley tapped into that need and we are still enjoying the fruits of his labor so many years later.

While in Porto, a visit to the Taylor’s Port Wine cellars is a must. Ana guided me through a short history of the brand, and a description of each of its many offerings: Vintage, Tawny, Late Bottled Vintage, even White! She also answers my burning question, what do the Portuguese eat with Port!?


Watch Andy Mil of Cocktail Trading Company, London make a Port Wine Sour with Taylor’s Port:


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